Where things are with Digital Steward and where I plan on them going. I am using the standard software versioning format of X.Y.Z (Major.Minor.Patch). The following list is not exhaustive and additional version updates will present themselves as development continues. This list will be updated as needed. Items crossed out have been completed and the Current Version number has been updated. Patches will not be included in this roadmap.

Current Version is: 0.0.437

Version updates are-

+0.1.0 — Character Creation Completed

+0.0.1 — Shop Completed

+0.0.1 — Magic Sheet Completed (need to completed prepared spell selection)

+0.0.01 — Quickbar Completed

+0.0.01 — Character Sheet Printing Completed

+0.0.01 — Spell Info Pop-Up Completed

+0.0.1 Encounter Page Redesign Completed

+0.0.01 Feats added

+0.0.01 Special Class features increase with level

+0.0.1 Return to character screen with editing for experience increase and equipment changes

+0.0.01 Character portrait selection

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