About Digital Steward-

What it is-

Digital Steward is a Virtual Tabletop (VTT or VT) program for playing Roleplaying Games (RPGs) either locally or with multiple people around the world. Encompassing everything from Character Creation to Online Play, Digital Steward is designed to replicate the experience of playing a game with friends around a table even if you are miles apart.

The first part of Digital Steward will be the Character Creation module. It will be released as an installable program that launches in your browser.

While Digital Steward is designed to make playing a traditional tabletop/pen & paper RPG easier, at its heart it is designed to replicate the experience as much as possible while doing so. This means that the obvious modern tools for avoiding work are intentionally ignored, in a sense. What that means is this isn’t a character churning program, you have the ability to roll 4d6 and select the 3 highest numbers to get your attribute scores, if you decide you don’t like the character you’ve been working on you’ll have to start all over, some information is on one screen but you might need to change pages to get that one detail you’re looking for. Digital Steward is designed to bring those old school feelings back when playing an RPG on the computer.

I hope you like the effort.

Where it is-

It is everywhere. It is on a Windows laptop or an iOS desktop, your iPhone or your Galaxy10. Digital Steward is OS agnostic and even though it is best used with the Chrome browser, any browser will do the job.

When is it-

Right now Digital Steward is in heavy active development. Check out the Roadmap to see what has been done and what is coming next.

Who is it-

Digital Steward is a project of Fatesjoke.

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