Despite all evidence to the contrary, development on Digital Steward has not stopped. I had to take a longer than expected break due relocating to CA and figuring some things out, but all the while I was working on other projects that would end up benefiting Digital Steward in the end.

To illustrate that; I am very happy to announce that I am nearing completion on a mobile version of the character creation portion of Digital Steward!! This app will have all the features of the desktop character creation as well as the reference material. The Dungeon Master portion and group play will not be included in this release but I am working on both the desktop and mobile versions of those.

A lot of time has been spent recently working on the database portion of the program so that character creation can take place on a mobile device and a full sized character sheet can be printed out from a computer. This will also benefit the final group play aspect of the program.

So, stay tuned and I’ll be sharing some news soon I hope!!

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