Hey all,

While Digital Steward is still technically in development, I’ve reached a point where I feel it is ready for people to check it out and give me feedback on a wider scale than had been happening before.

There are still some areas that need work; class features that increase with level, character sheet printing, feats, and reference material in particular but aside from that I am very happy with the progress that has been made and the feedback I have received that has helped me fine tune the program.

Please keep in mind this is just the Character Creation & Modification Module- not the full program. I am still working on finishing this up and working on the full program at the same time.

Once I get some feedback and finish up the areas I know need work here I will be packaging the module up as an installable program that will be offered for sale at a very reasonable price on the Dungeon Master’s Guild website.

I’ve added a link to the beta module above and for the reddit sub (to give feedback) click here.

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