So it’s been a while since I last updated this but the time was not being wasted.

Shop configuration took a lot longer than I expected, and I made some changes that came up along the way that improves the experience over what I imagined. So, the good news is the Shop is completely done.

Loading all of the spells in the SRD was a pain in the ass. Especially since there isn’t an “official” non-pdf version of the data and copying and pasting from a pdf does all kinds of horrible formatting shit. So, I had to gather the data in a more difficult way than I thought I would (even though the awesome community of people playing 5e out there have a lot of resources shared, most of it was not usable because of copyright fears on the side of the people sharing and the use of non-SRD material). But, I got it all together and even made things prettier than I had originally expected to. So, it was worth it.

I just checked out the roadmap and based on where I was a month ago, I had to bump the version number up quite a bit. Which is awesome! Now I need to rethink what to focus on for the roadmap next. Right now it is getting the finishing touches done on Character Creation so that I can launch it as a stand-alone module to get people excited for the full program. Fingers crossed.

The way this weekend is going, I might actually be able to get to that point before Monday morning. I’m excited.

Well, guess I’ll check in tomorrow and see where things stand. Time to update the current version number on the site.

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